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Right then, I suppose I ought to say a little something about me sen.  My name’s Ray, as you can probably tell from the name of the site.  And I like to review stuff.  But again, that’s fairly obvious from the name of me site.  OK, this introduction is turning out to be much trickier than I thought.

Let’s try again – I’m Ray and this is me review site.  I’ve been retired a few years now and was looking for something to do to fill up me spare time.  Denise doesn’t want me slouching round the house too much, especially when there’s DIY to be done.

So me nephew watches a lot of this You Tube and these internet personalities, most of whom seem to be having fun along the way.  So I thought, I could do that – have me own corner of the world wide web, where I witter on about bits and bobs.

So here it is.  And here you are.  Have a look around and see what you think – and let me know too, so I can get better at this stuff by knowing what you like and what you don’t.  It’s early days for me using all this technology, but I’m slowly getting there.  But forgive an old duffer if it’s a little rough around edges, won’t you?

Oh, and if there’s anything you would like me to review, do get in touch by clicking on the Contact Me link in the menu bit up there.

Ta ra for now.




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