Dear Wold Cup Diary




Dear World Cup Diary

So it’s all going great, the whole country’s behind the team, what could possibly go wrong?

To be honest, I’m getting really nervous.  It was really hard to watch the Sweden game, even though we did OK in the end.  Some of the commentators said it was fairly easy and England played well – I agree, we only needed three amazing saves by our keeper to make it through really easily!!  Didn’t even touch me snacks, whole pack of biscuits and some healthy carrots and dips left untouched.    Not like me, really must have been the nerves.

Did watch the France / Belgium game last night, to see who would get to the final.  Both brilliant teams, and again the keepers making amazing saves.  Reminds me of a chap I used to play with back in the day, he was amazing too, so athletic, pulled off some blinders.  Couldn’t catch a cold thought.  Think he was called Caultmen or something.  We called him The Cat – although I think that was linked to something else though.

So the big game tonight, versus Croatia.  My main worry is Modric and his little hair band.  We’ve got nothing like that and I’m not sure it would really suit anyone.  Perhaps we should go for 1980s headbands like Steve Foster.  I could see Harry Maguire pulling that off.  Much more robust hair support.

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Image result for steve foster headband

You too can join in with such moisture wicking and fashion forward thinking with this amazing (perhaps) product available off of the Amazon.  I have no idea if it’s any good, so buyer beware!  Now, I wish I could get me hands on one of those 1982 England shirts though …..



So I’m going to be fixated to the screen tonight at 7pm, cheering them on and hoping we can get through to the first final since 1966.  Wouldn’t it be great.



(warning, that bit up there is an Amazon affiliate link, so if you click on it and buy some stuff of Jeff Bezos, Ray will literally hit the jackpot and earn massive commission.  Or perhaps 1p.  Or somewhere in between, who knows.  Just wanted to be upfront and warn you, with this clear and carefully worded disclaimer.  Thanks)


Chaotic Hair

Dear World Cup Diary

Well, in’t this World Cup chaos?  Really entertaining chaos, but not how FIFA probably thought it would pan out.  So many of the big names and big teams going home early – Ronaldo, Messi, Tim Cahill…

Probably not as much chaos as my internet connection, which is the reason why this diary entry is both late and short.  Bit like Norris from the bowls club.

But England first, they’d obviously qualified already which allowed them to play a load of fringe players in the game against Belgium, which they then subsequently lost and the game was really dull.  Load of players I’d never heard of or I thought had retired a long time ago.  Was expecting to see Neil Webb and Paul Parker come on in the second half.

Big Dave came round to watch it at mine, as promised.  Turned out his ‘artisan’ beers were Stella, which is typical.  He managed to eat most of the pizza and talk all thorough the game, so he’s not coming around again this tournament, no.  And he relieved himself in the garden pots on the patio again, which he does every time he comes round for a few drinks.  Wouldn’t really mind, but he does it from the upstairs window.  Keeps the cats away though.

Talking of big guns, with so many of the good teams out, some England fans are getting carried away and think we can go all the way.  But I’m much more pessimistic – lets see if we can get around Colombia tonight.  I’ll be watching it my be sen, with me fingers crossed.  Although this team is severely lacking in one department compared to the Colombia teams of old – hair.  Two absolute legends and some of may favourite international players from yesteryear…

Image result for valderrama

Related image

So fingers crossed, and I’ll be back for another, hopefully positive update, in a couple of days.








Sweating and German Rabbits

Dear World Cup Diary

Sorry I haven’t been about for a few days, had a lovely weekend away in the sunshine and then the old internet was playing up, so had trouble keeping all me social media followers up to date.  Normal service has now resumed though, so that’s all fine.  Nephew had unplugged the router to charge his Switch or some such nonsense.  Took me hours to sort out, including an embarrassing call to BT to blame their poor service.  Well it usually is.

Well, let’s start with England.  We’re they fantastic?  OK, so Panama looked like they were just glad to be taking part, their fans were great and went bonkers when they got their consolation goal.  But Harry Kane and his magical chin got a hat-trick and it was the biggest win since the 1850s or something.  They played well, especially in that heat.  Imagine running around for 90 minutes in that.  I took the recycling bins out the other morning and was still sweating so much 20 minutes later that I had to change me shirt.

So that’s them through to the next round, so we can all relax a bit.  So many of the big teams nearly went out Portugal, Spain, Argentina and of course the Germans.  But you just knew they’d pull the rabbit out of the hat at the end, didn’t you!  And did you see how gutted all of the commentators were, they really thought the holders were a goner.  But it’s not a good tournament without the hosts or the main baddies is it, so glad they all went through.

I watched it up north – so I had to put Big Dave and his selection of fine ales off until the next game.  So he’ll be round on Thursday for the Belgians.  I think we’re getting pizza too, delivered as a bit of a treat.  Reckon he’ll want a meat feast or something though, so will have to think about i get out of that.  No need for three types of sausage on a pizza, it’s unnecessary.  Any suggestions?

Right, couple of other things I spotted over the last few days:

Did you see the Iranian fellas throw in attempt, in the last minute of injury time, when they needed a goal? I thought is was great.  Taking his moment on the biggest stage of all, in front of billions of people, all across the globe …..

And this England photo, one of the comments I saw on Twitter (can’t remember who, sorry) said that Harry Kane looks like he’s going for a poo in a pub toilet.   And they’re shocking at lining up properly for a team photo.  Bad formation.

Have a cracking day and I’ll be back soon.




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So as you can see, I like to put me reviews on the You Tube.  Once I’ve had a good butcher’s at something, I like to tell the world.  And I’m trying to show me Nephew that I can make an engaging and informative website that’s capable of future monetisation and adherence to a multiple channel distribution model.  Or some such bobbins.  I read it in a book somewhere.

Anyway.  If there’s something that you would like me to review, get in touch.  I can do products, or websites, or books, or videos, or TV or movies.  Virtually anything.  I’ll see what I think, and then put me thoughts up for everyone to see.  Probably be in a video, but it could be something else if you fancy.

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