How do I request a review?

Dead easy – just drop me a line on Twitter or Facebook, or fill in the contact form letting me know what you want me to review. Can’t promise I’ll review every request I get, but I’ll do me best.

What sort of stuff do you review?

All sorts of stuff – films, music, telly, but also sporting events and activities. If it looks like a giggle, I’ll give it a go.

Is there owt you won’t review?

Can’t do owt that’s too mucky or offensive. Or owt that’s a proper load of rubbish. Love Island was a bit of a stretch, cos it weren’t really my cup of tea.

Who is Ickle Ray?

To cut a long story short, unbeknowns to me sen, Ickle Ray was gestating inside me whilst I was filming me review of the Alien franchise. He pops up every now and then to say “ey up” and have an ickle chat.