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Dear World Cup Diary

Well, in’t this World Cup chaos?  Really entertaining chaos, but not how FIFA probably thought it would pan out.  So many of the big names and big teams going home early – Ronaldo, Messi, Tim Cahill…

Probably not as much chaos as my internet connection, which is the reason why this diary entry is both late and short.  Bit like Norris from the bowls club.

But England first, they’d obviously qualified already which allowed them to play a load of fringe players in the game against Belgium, which they then subsequently lost and the game was really dull.  Load of players I’d never heard of or I thought had retired a long time ago.  Was expecting to see Neil Webb and Paul Parker come on in the second half.

Big Dave came round to watch it at mine, as promised.  Turned out his ‘artisan’ beers were Stella, which is typical.  He managed to eat most of the pizza and talk all thorough the game, so he’s not coming around again this tournament, no.  And he relieved himself in the garden pots on the patio again, which he does every time he comes round for a few drinks.  Wouldn’t really mind, but he does it from the upstairs window.  Keeps the cats away though.

Talking of big guns, with so many of the good teams out, some England fans are getting carried away and think we can go all the way.  But I’m much more pessimistic – lets see if we can get around Colombia tonight.  I’ll be watching it my be sen, with me fingers crossed.  Although this team is severely lacking in one department compared to the Colombia teams of old – hair.  Two absolute legends and some of may favourite international players from yesteryear…

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So fingers crossed, and I’ll be back for another, hopefully positive update, in a couple of days.








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  1. Apropos the hair department, you’re forgetting Rudi Voller.

    Isn’t this an unbelievable World Cup! The artisan beer will be flowing in Belgium tonight.

    Following your blog consistently and very much enjoying it. Though I was sorry to hear about Big Dave’s shenanigans.

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