England Win and The Handsome Machine

Dear World Cup Diary

We’re on the ball!  We’re on the ball!!  England won, well done chaps.  Kept us guessing right up to the end by forcing the nation to watch some really drab football and consider turning over to watch a bit of Love Island, but we got there in the end.  Super stuff from Harry Kane, who looks like an estate agent until he starts talking – and then he sounds a bit like an estate agent…

Anyway, us in the media shouldn’t be knocking England, we need to build them up, give them confidence, praise the manager Gareth Southgate.  And his natty waistcoat.  He’s got to be a contender for the best dressed manager award.  Not sure if there is one, but there should be.  I wonder what he’s got lined up for next week, apart from a new M&S modelling contract.

There were some other great games over the weekend, but I was at a family wedding, so didn’t get to see too much to be honest – and hence why I’ve not been able to update the diary.  Did see the Portugal – Spain game though, loads of goals, some brilliant Ronaldo stuff too.  He’s a machine, so cool under pressure.  And still a very handsome man.

Snack update.  Didn’t really have anything during the England match, I think I might have been too nervous and excited.  Or it might be that I overdid it at the wedding, you know how it goes with a free bar and so much rich food.  And a buffet.  And a big fry up in the morning.  Think I tweaked me hamstring doing the Timewarp as well, bit sore.

So I’ll be catching  a few more matches this week and keeping you updated on me thoughts. Already getting ready for the next England match, but I think Big Dave’s invited himself round, he said he’s got a few of those artisan beers to try, which sounds nice actually.



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