The Opening Ceremony and The Finger

Dear World Cup Diary

Blimey, that all started rather well didn’t it!  There were ceremonies, ageing pop stars, goals and a nice comfy spot on the sofa to enjoy it all from, therefore cleverly avoiding all the travel chaos of getting to Russia.

So the opening was actually fairly low key, which was a bit strange considering they’d spent so much on new stadia and stuff – £11bn apparently.  They’d obviously blown the budget on bricks and pitches, cos they could only afford Robbie Williams to do the showbiz part.  I don’t think he’s had a hit for the last decade, so probably got him on that Groupon or something.

Cheeky monkey also gave the finger to the watching public, which hasn’t gone down too well apparently.  Probably have to do some explaining to Vladimir now, in his lair built into a volcano.

So a good start, but still no comparison to the best opening ever, the Diana Ross 1994 classic…

They obviously hadn’t invented HD back then either.  How did we cope watching anything?

The football was great, billed as a couple of shocking teams, it turned out that one was much more shocking than the other.  5 – 0.  Bosh.  Some nice goals, but no stand out celebrations as yet, but watch this space, there’s bound to be some imaginative stuff coming up.

My sofa set up was nice, Denise brought me a nice cup of tea and I treated me sen to some of those nice Fox’s biscuits, you know the ones with the jam and the cream in.  Bit disappointed that there was no evening match, but I guess they didn’t want to steal the thunder of the opening match.

Some good games coming up over the weekend, plus the build up to the first England game on Monday night.  Keep an eye out for me next diary entry and let me know your thoughts on the big kick off.


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